SOKY’s Got Talent Rules and Regulations

The Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center/Capitol Arts Center

  1. All applicants MUST be a resident of one of the 10 Barren River Area Development District (BRADD) counties as follows: Allen, Barren, Butler, Edmonson, Hart, Logan, Metcalf, Monroe, Simpson, & Warren.
  1. There will be four age categories: TWINKLING STARS (10 years and under), RISING STARS (11-15 years), SHOOTING STARS (16-21 years), SUPER NOVAS (22-35 years), & METEORS (36 years & Up).  Five Winners will be chosen.   They will receive a plaque and cash prize (to be determined).   From the Five Winners of the categories, The SOKY will be awarded a cash Grand Prize (to be determined).  A People’s Choice Audience Favorite Award Plaque will also be given.
  1. All acts compete in one of four divisions, based on the age of the contestant(s) at the time of their performance. In cases where the act consists of people from different divisions, the act will compete in the older Division.  Improper age category may result in disqualification.  Vocalists may use recorded accompaniment tracks with vocal background, but there shall be no lead vocal on the track.  For recorded accompaniment, a CD with only one track is recommended.  Acts should bring a second CD as backup.
  1. Individual or group entries will be accepted in the following categories: vocal, dance, instrumental, acting, dramatic or comedy act, illusionist, ventriloquist, juggling, magicians; acrobatics (cheer and gymnastics); you have talent we want to see it!  Lip syncing is not allowed.
  1. Entry Fees (non-refundable) and Deadlines are as follows: $20.00 fee – June 1-June 30th; $30.00 fee– July 1-17th; $40.00 fee- July 18-19 and day of audition – July 20th. Application must be accompanied with payment.  Mailing address: SKyPAC – PO Box 748 – Bowling Green, KY 42102-0748.  The physical address is 601 College Street – Bowling Green, KY   Lobby hours:  10:00AM – 5:00PM Monday thru Friday (CST).  No applications will be accepted after Saturday, July 20th. Those submitting day of audition will wait until pre-registered participants audition.

Your audition submission, or “in person” audition, is the first round.  All contestants must perform the same act during auditions (first round), semi-finals and finals.  This includes number of people in the act.  Exceptions regarding people in act may be made (due to illness and/or other unforeseen matters).  Requests for exceptions must be made to the Talent Show Committee, prior to semi-finals.

  1. Acts must be appropriate for family audience. No profanity or lewdness.  Acts may not use fire, pyrotechnics, liquids, confetti, guns, sharp instruments such as knives or machetes, or any other substance or object that may prove hazardous or inappropriate, including animals for which a permit may be required by the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife.   SKyPAC reserves the right to reject any and all applications.
  1. The performance must not exceed 4 minutes, with no more than 4 minutes allowed for set-up. Contestants exceeding the time limit will be disqualified.
  1. AUDITIONS:  Contestants are eligible to audition either of the following ways:
  1. VIDEO SUBMISSION: Video submissions (4 minute or less) are due by Saturday, July 20th at 5:00pm (Central Time) All video submissions must be hosted on one of the following 3rd party websites, or A link to the video submission must be either submitted with your online submission form entry or emailed to [email protected]Saturday, July 20th by 5:00pm (CST). BE SURE TO INCLUDE CONTESTANT(S) NAME AS IT APPEARS ON APPLICATION IN EMAIL


Video submissions on disc or thumb drive may be also be hand delivered to the SKyPAC Ticket Office during normal business hours (M-F 10am-5pm) before Saturday, July 20th at 5pm (CST). INCLUDE CONTESTANT(S) NAME AS IT APPEARS ON APPLICATION IN EMAIL


  1. LIVE AUDITION: Contestant(s) can attend the live auditions on Saturday, July 20th in the Carol Wedge Studio Theatre, Rehearsal Room I or II, at SKyPAC, 601 College Street, Bowling Green, Kentucky. Live auditions will be videotaped at that time.


The Contestant will be notified with a time slot for their audition via email. A confirmation reply is required. Submissions between June 1st-June 30th will be notified of audition schedule by Friday, July 5th. Submissions between July 1-July 17th will be notified by July 18th. Submissions on July 18th-19th will be filled in the available slots and notified. ANYONE submitting day of audition, will be required to wait until all scheduled participants have completed taping.  The audition times for contestants will also be posted on SOKY’S Got Talent website, . If contestant has conflict with live audition time slot, contestant must contact SOKY’S Got Talent and request a time slot change by calling 270-904-5010 or email [email protected] as soon as possible.



  1. All submissions both (on-line and in person) will be evaluated per video. Those selected for the semi-finals will be contacted on or before Friday, July 26th by email and posted on website.
  1. SEMI-FINALISTS must submit any back tracks needed to the SKyPAC Ticket Office during normal business hours (M-F 10am-5pm) by Monday, July 29th.
  1. SOKY SEMI-FINALS: The Semi-final rounds will be divided into 2 nights.  All contestants under 18 must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian.  All contestants will be asked to present their identification verifying their date of birth. Keep both nights, August 2 and 3rd (SEMI-FINALISTS must provide any back tracks needed by Monday, July 29th on CD or thumb drive)
  1. The GRAND FINALE will take place at The SKyPAC on Saturday, August 24th @ 6:30 – 601 College Street, Bowling Green, Kentucky 42101. The GRAND FINALS:  The finalists in all four divisions will compete Saturday, August 24th at   6:30p.m. on the Main Stage, for first place cash prizes in each division.  After the four division awards, the SOKY statue will be awarded to the Winner of all 4 divisions with an added cash prize.
  1. All tickets for the Grand Finale must be purchased at the SKyPAC Ticket Office, 270-904-1880. There will be no complimentary tickets.


  1. Should an act fail to perform in a round, that act forfeits the right to advance to the Grand Finale. Substitutions will not be allowed.  The vacated slot will be assigned to the first available talent on the alternate list as established by the Talent Show Committee.
  1. SOKY’S GOT TALENT Committee shall have sole authority in selecting acts, scheduling of those selected and control over stage sets, sound, lights, power and overall (master) volume.
  1. All contestant equipment is the sole responsibility of the contestant. SKyPAC, nor any of its employees, Board members, Talent Show committee members or community volunteers assumes liability for said equipment.
  1. For the SEMI-FINALS and GRAND FINALE – The house sound system will be provided by the venue and will be scaled to the reasonable requirements of the contestants.
  1. SKyPAC, employees, Board Members, Talent Show Committee members and community volunteers assumes no responsibility for any expense, meals, transportation or rooms of any contestant.
  1. For the SEMI-FINALS and GRAND FINALE, dressing rooms will be available. SKyPAC, employees, Board Members, Talent Show Committee members and community volunteers will not be responsible for lost or stolen articles or valuables.
  1. SOKY’S GOT TALENT may be videotaped.
  1. All judges’ decisions are final, and scores will not be released to contestants or the public.
  1. All participants must sign a Participant Release and Waiver Form.

SKyPAC: 601 College Street, Bowling Green, KY 42101